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By 29th June 2020carpets
carpets for flooring in wimbledon

Are you looking for flooring options for your house or office? Why don’t you try a carpet? Carpets check all the boxes for durability, variety and style. Who does not want to spice up the ambiance with reasonable investment? So, if you are interested in getting your hands on the best carpets for flooring in Wimbledon, do not look any further than Abbotswood flooring!

Why should I choose carpets?

Well, there are a number of advantages of using a carpet. Let’s have a look at a few of them:


Carpets come in a variety of patterns, colors, material, pile height and designs. They, therefore, offer the flexibility of choice and customization. So, you can go for the one that would complement your furniture and overall setup of the space! Carpets definitely contribute towards fulfilling the style statement with minimum effort.


Feel is something that you usually overlook while designing your space. However, it holds a great significance, especially when it comes to your house. Do you know why? Your home should be a hub of comfort and warmth when you return after a tiring day, right? Carpet does the job, as it is extremely soft and easy on the feet. Hence, carpets makes it comfortable to sit, lay or walk on.


Carpets are a popular choice in cold regions because of their ability to reduce heat loss. Moreover, they also play a role in cutting the costs of resources to warm up the house such as natural gas.


Installing carpets is really safe if you have a baby or aged individual at home. Hard surfaces can get slippery and dangerous in case of a slippage or fall. On the contrary, carpets provide a soft landing space.

Easy to maintain:

It is observed and recorded that carpet maintenance and installation cost much less than hardwood. Moreover, it is easy to clean too and has less requirements to be met before the installation.

Carpets for flooring in Wimbledon at Abbotswood:

We are specialists in the supply and installation of carpets and carpet tiles for both the domestic and commercial environment. Furthermore, our team of experienced fitters are courteous, polite and trustworthy. At Abbotswood, we offer a wide range of Colours, Textures and Pile quality to suit all budgets and requirements.
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