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flooring shop in richmond

Flooring Shop in Richmond – TW9

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Do you want to improve the floor you walk on? Are you interested in bringing about a quick and significant interior transformation? Then, you are at the right place! Abbotswood is a flooring shop in Richmond, where you can find a variety of flooring options to choose from. Moreover, professional assistance to help you make the right choice is all you need to create a flawless space. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today! 

It is true when they say that floor is the first thing someone notices, as soon as they enter a room. In addition to this, upscaling or changing the floor is quite reasonable and noticeable for space renovation. Today, a range of flooring is available in different textures with various features. So, everyone can always find out something to suit their requirements and budget! 

Flooring at Abbotswood 

  • Wood flooring: 

Wooden flooring has never gone out of fashion, and it has been a classic popular since ages. At Abbotswood, we promise to deliver highest-quality wood flooring to our customers. Firstly, most of our wood is French oak with 5 grades. Secondly, you can choose the level and width of planks. We can also install patterns such as herringbone, Chevron etc. Moreover, we offer border options ranging from simple to something extra special. Also, our wood finish is exactly what you need to achieve the perfect floor! 

  • Carpets: 

Our carpets range from classic to contemporary with an unparalleled level of quality. Whether you prefer wool, synthetic luxury or stain-resistant carpets, we have you covered. Also, our bespoke carpet fitting service ensures that your carpet fits into each corner neatly. 

  • Amtico: 

Turn your home into a work of art with amtico tiles from Abbotswood flooring. Amtico checks boxes for all your requirements — style, durability and resistance. If you have a busy space where the floor is prone to scratches or spills, then go for amtico! We are experts at fitting amtico tiles at the most competitive prices. 

Why is flooring important?

Whether it’s a commercial building or a domestic space, flooring is one of the major aspects to be considered while designing. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the first thing a person notices when he enters a room is its flooring. But why is flooring so important?

  • Flooring affects the impression of a space considerably. Moreover, it is quite a reasonable investment, as compared to other alternatives, if you want to transform the look of your space.
  • It is not only about the appearance but also functionality! Firstly, flooring protects delicate floor underneath. It makes it softer and easier to walk around barefooted. In addition to this, flooring affects acoustics, limiting the noise level. Also, installing the right flooring option would create a warm, cosy and comfortable environment.
  • Flooring improves and maintains the value of house, making it more attractive to buyers.

Visit our flooring shop in Richmond

Visit our website to learn more about us. Check out the service and contact details. Give us a call at 02085439083 if you are interested in our services or send in a query. We make sure to respond promptly, so we can assist you when you need us! Drop by our flooring shop in Richmond to get the best for your floor! 

carpets supply & installation in Morden

Carpets Supply & Installation in Morden – SM4

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Are you looking for affordable and stylish carpets to complement your space? Then, you are at the right place. You won’t find a better place than Abbotswood to transform your floor into something amazing! At Abbotswood, we have a range of carpets to suit a variety of budgets and choices. So, Get in touch with us today for reliable carpets supply & installation in Morden!

We do not only provide a number of options to choose from, but also installation services. Do you know that no matter how beautiful your carpet is, but untidy installation can ruin the look? Moreover, a carpet that does not go well with your theme or ambience can overshadow the aesthetic appeal. Therefore, we make sure that our customers purchase the best that they won’t regret later!

What do we offer at Abbotswood?

Carpet is never a thing of past – always in fashion, always in style! Thus, carpets have also evolved with the passage of time. Nowadays, you can easily find a range of designs, fibre, and pile cuts to meet your requirements. We, at Abbotswood, offer high end carpets for that special finish, Eco-friendly for environment and durable ones for high traffic areas.

  •  Nylon carpets are well known to withstand ageing. They maintain their look and shape over a number of years.
  • Olefin carpets work best in moist environments. Moreover, its wool-like texture tends to go a long way.
  • Polyster and Acrylic carpets are popular among those who who look for high stain-resistance.
  • Wool has always been a top choice due to its dirt resistance and classic appearance.
  • Triexta carpets prove to be a useful long-time investment — all thanks to its durability and strength! Hence, home owners, with pets and kids, usually buy Triexta carpets.

Why choose carpet?

  • Carpets add to the overall appearance. Also, you can choose the one that complements your space, as carpets come in various styles, colours and textures.
  • Carpets offer a feeling of warmth by insulating the floor. In addition to this, carpets are soft and cosy to the feet. So, you can easily walk barefooted or curl up in front of the fireplace!
  • Carpets prevent slip and fall accidents, or at least reduce the damage caused by slipping on hard floor.
  • Carpets also reduce the noise levels, absorbing the sounds. Thus, carpets are preferable for high traffic areas.
  •  Carpets trap dust particles and allergens in the fibres until vacuum cleaning. Moreover, energy saving and insulation property of carpets render them useful in winters.

Carpets supply & installation in Morden at Abbotswood

Our carpet fitting services are designed to meet the exact needs of your home. Once you’ve made the right choice, we’ll make sure it fits into each corner of the room snugly. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website to learn more about us. Check out the service and contact details. Give us a call at 02085439083 if you are interested in our services or send in a query. Drop by our showroom to have a look at our high-quality collection!