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amtico vinyl flooring

Amtico Vinyl Flooring

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Abbotswood Flooring is a running business in Wimbledon. We provide various flooring options for our clients to choose from. We provide our quality driven services in the areas of Wimbledon, Putney, Merton, Mitcham, New Malden, Clapham, Kensington, Kingston, Chelsea, Fulham, Richmond, Wandsworth, South London, West London, and most parts of Surrey. Hence, our extensive chain allows us to gather enough experience for providing you best services in town. One of our main services include amtico vinyl flooring.


Vinyl flooring sheets provide seamless finish and a new look to your home at an affordable price. Amtico Vinyl flooring is extremely durable and thin. We use high quality and branded vinyl sheets for flooring for fitting. Moreover, our vinyl sheets are water safe. Therefore, this enables them to keep away harm from dampness. Abbotswood Flooring is a considerable authority consequently, our high quality amtico vinyl fittings are ideal to be utilized in a spot where you can anticipate huge measure of dampness.

Amtico vinyl flooring i s easy to to install. The best part is they come in different colors and designs. This gives your home a modern and contemporary look. Furthermore, amtico vinyl flooring is easy to clean and absorbs sound which is why it is best for places with children around. You can shop your favorite designs from our beautiful collection.

Abbotswood Flooring offers amtico vinyl flooring services for commercial purposes as well. Amtico tiles and vinyl flooring are best for your offices and professional grounds because it is affordable, stylish and easy to maintain.

We believe every floor deserves best possible treatment which is why our prices are set to suit all budget and pocket sizes. We don’t use low quality material even at price as low as ours. Above all, Our standard quality is what brings our clients back to us. To get our amtico vinyl flooring give a call to our friendly customer representative and book your appointment. Meanwhile, follow our Facebook page for more information.

bespoke wood flooring in Kensington

Bespoke Wood Flooring in Kensington

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Abbotswood Flooring is a flooring installation, supply and fitting company. We offer our services in Wimbledon, Putney, Merton, Mitcham, New Malden, Clapham, Kensington, Kingston, Chelsea, Fulham, Richmond, Wandsworth, South London, West London, and most parts of Surrey. We are pros in the supply and establishment bespoke wood flooring in Kensington for both the household and business setting.

Our group of experienced fitters are considerate, friendly and reliable. Therefore, We professionally handle all establishments of bespoke flooring in Kensington, Wimbledon and surrounding areas. We install high quality bespoke flooring designed particularly for you. Our team can install any type of bespoke flooring whether it is  huge or little in a proficient and expert way.

Perks of Bespoke Wood Flooring!

Bespoke flooring gives a perfect opportunity to create your own customized space. We can pull of a flooring extremely unique and special to you. Bespoke wood flooring allows you to step far from the typical pre-completed sheets and select a story that is speaks to you. We can develop a flooring that suits your  personal stylistic layout. Our bespoke wood flooring in Kensington brings back precious clients to us, which tells you how good it is.

Our  range of bespoke wood flooring in Kensington is further expanded to bespoke carpet flooring in Wimbledon and surrounding areas. Bespoke carpet flooring is intended to meet the definite needs of your home. When you’ve picked your ideal style, we’ll ensure it fits into each side of the room cozily.

High Quality Bespoke Wood Flooring in Kensington!

With huge variety of widths, thicknesses, and hues accessible, our designed wood flooring will give your house a contemporary and stylish look. You can likewise come to us for your bespoke flooring needs. We pride ourselves on our own, proficient administration while staying within your financial range. You won’t discover unnecessary costs and expanded finance with doubtful limits, only a basic comprehensive cost with highest quality.

To get our bespoke wood flooring services in Kensington give a call to our correspondent right now. Visit our Facebook page and social profile for more information.

outdoor carpet in Wandsworth

Outdoor Carpet in Wandsworth

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Abbotswood Flooring is a carpet, amtico and flooring supplying and fitting company operational in Wimbledon and surrounding parts of North and South London. We offer a wide range of carpet flooring and fitting options. Abbotswood Flooring is famous for its high quality and professional services. One of our best top rated services is outdoor carpet in Wandsworth. Moreover, we supply and install beautiful outdoor carpets at competitive price.

Picking the correct carpet will improve look of your home, add smooth the spareness, give a characteristic vibe and a bit of extravagance. Therefore, we make sure our outdoor carpet is fitted well and cared for. It’ll give you long periods of delight and comfort. Visit our showroom to see the wide selection of hues and surfaces of our outdoor carpet in Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Putney, Merton, Mitcham, New Malden, Clapham, Kensington, Kingston, Chelsea, Fulham, Richmond, South London, West London, and most parts of Surrey.


Our experienced team visits your home for flooring consultation. We measure out perfect carpets with combination of design and grace for your home and install outdoor carpets in Wandsworth. Outdoor carpets are consequently best for commercial and personal use. Furthermore, outdoor carpets provide extra space to your office, home and showrooms. Similarly, outdoor carpets allows you to turn that spare outdoor space in to a useful sitting.

We provide outdoor carpet in Wandsworth and other surrounding areas at competitive price because Abbotswood believes good quality and designs can be created in any budget range. We provide bespoke outdoor carpet fitting and installation at rates that suit your pocket. Our competitive price for highest quality and branded carpets is irresistible.

To get our outdoor carpet in Wandsworth give a call to our friendly customer representative. Get your consultation booked and wait for our team to drop by. Visit our Facebook page for further information.

carpet flooring in richmond

Carpet Flooring in Richmond

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Carpet flooring gives your house a modern and contemporary look. Carpet flooring provides comfortable surface and beautiful flooring. It comes in various designs which is why you can always keep up with changing trends. Abbotswood flooring offers wide range of carpet flooring in Richmond, Kensington, Wandsworth, Kingston, New Meldon and Wimbledon.  We offer variety of deals in carpets designs and prices that we supply and fit for your convenience.

Carpet Flooring is easy to maintain and clean. Their appearance adds color and design to your home. Moreover, carpet flooring is also great for commercial use because carpet absorbs different unwanted sounds. Similarly, it also traps allergens and dust particles until removed which is why they can help in controlling health issues. 

As carpet and flooring specialists, we offer all types of carpet installation by using high-quality tools. Certainly, our experienced and friendly carpet fitters provide all services in a positive and reliable manner every time. We offer quality services for carpet flooring in Richmond at affordable price. We believe in providing high quality services yet we don’t want you to cross your budget. Hence, keeping that in mind our packages are available for every budget and pocket.

Abbotswood guarantees the supply of finest material with high quality services. Furthermore, we comprehend that choosing the best fit for you home deck isn’t easy. Consequently, our group offers you a benevolent environment choosing best arrangements of carpet flooring, carpet design and pricing.

Our carpet flooring in Richmond  are able to do decidedly affecting clients because we accept it as our obligation to give you the best carpet and flooring at outstanding cost. To get our services contact our friendly customer representatives here. Visit our Facebook page for more information.


Hardwood Flooring Installation

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Abbotswood offers variety of flooring options in Wimbledon, Putney, Merton, Mitcham, New Malden, Clapham, Kensington, Kingston, Chelsea, Fulham, Richmond, Wandsworth, South London, West London, and most parts of Surrey. One of our famous flooring is hardwood flooring. We offer common, domestic, and branded hardwoods to choose from. Hardwood flooring installation provide strong and durable finish. Such flooring last longer and require very little maintenance.

Hardwood Flooring is a unique and beautiful way to add style along with grace to your house. We take pride in our famous services for hardwood flooring installation. Hardwood Flooring creates sense of personification to your space as every piece of hardwood is a unique cut out of different woods. The best part about hardwood flooring is that it comes with durable quality wood and reliable finish.

Hardwood flooring installation is perfect for open and huge spaces. Our team use highest quality French Oak mostly. We also offer 5 grades in oak, Quarter Sawn, Prime, Bis, Rustic and Chablis. We also offer a wide range of other woods with walnut and teak being two of the favorites. All of these wood flooring options provide our clients a great variety of design and quality to choose from.

We believe that getting hardwood flooring installation can easily drop a few pounds off your pocket. Similarly, Abbotswood understand that highest quality can be provided in a reasonable range as well. We provide affordable highest quality wooden flooring at very affordable price.

So give a call to our friendly customer representative and book your consultation right now. Check our social media for more information and further insight. Visit our online shop here.

finance assistance

Finance Assistan

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Abbotswood Flooring is a well known carpet, amtico, vinyl and flooring installation company in Wimbledon and other surrounding areas. We provide highest quality bespoke flooring and carpeting services. One of our major services also include reliable finance assistance of our clients.

In association with Ideal 4 Finance we offer  trustworthy and quick loans to our customers. We have multiple finance options for our clients according to their needs and preferences. We cater our customers from secured to guaranteed finance assistance services. Contact our team for finance related sub queries.


You just need to provide details of any additional income, name and address of your employer (if applicable), your address and postcode, your bank account number and sort code to get loan. It’s important give this information to our representative. If you do not have the above information to hand or you then you can’t proceed to get financial assistance.

Small amount will be withdrawn from your account. This will appear on your credit file but will not be visible to other lenders. You may receive a quote immediately but if not, don’t worry. This allows us to check credibility of our clients for financial assistance.  One of our advisers will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

Once you give us required information and submit application for loan your information will be shared with Credit Reference Agencies to assess your application and confirm your identity. This small step ensures our best financial assistance to our valuable clients. Once you credentials are approved, we will contact you. Our team will contact you by telephone, e-mail or SMS. You may also be contacted directly by a lender or lenders if they need more information or your application is successful.

You can get different types of loan as per your requirement. Our clients get to choose from secured or guarantor loan. You can also select a suitable time period of up to 5 years to return the loan. Moreover, we ask about you credit rating status. Your credit rating allows lenders to determine your financial position. Ideal 4 Finance will also share your information with Abbotswood Flooring. This important as it allows them to contact you about your order.

To get our reliable and secure financial assistance give our customer representative a call our submit your loan application here.